DesignHow We Work with Brisbane’s Top Builders to Create Stunning Designs
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How We Work with Brisbane’s Top Builders to Create Stunning Designs

There’s no denying it, at Live Best we are committed to providing exceptional service and creating stunning designs that align with clients’ budgets. We achieve this by partnering with some of Brisbane’s top and often award-winning builders, whilst following a tried and tested process that ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for you, the homeowner.

Our process begins with an initial meeting with both the clients and the builders to discuss an overview of the planning stages and a customised set of house plans. We provide details on each step, including liaising with engineers and certifiers, concept and working drawings, timelines, as well as a baseline for design costs. For renovation projects, we conduct a full site measure and review of the property before providing a quote for the design works.

Next, we meet again with the client and builder for a concept review meeting, where the plans start to come to life. Our concept drawings are a mix of sketches and drawings followed by perspective views, floor plans, elevations, and 3D renders. This is sufficient to explain the vision before progressing to a full design package with extended site plans and proposed designs.

After you receive your preliminary estimate from your builder, we move onto the working drawings stage. Here, we turn your concept into a design for construction by providing comprehensive drafting plans, including 3D modeling, formal plans, and draft approval submissions for the council. We work closely with you during this process to ensure you are comfortable with the final design and ensure the budget is on track and aligned with the builders’ expectations. Additionally, we can offer an interior designing service to help with selections throughout, including cabinetry design, plumbing and electrical selections, and color selections.

In the final stage, we coordinate your Building Approval (BA) and update the design pack, which is sent to you, the certifier, the planner, the engineers, and the builder. We liaise with our selected certifier before completing our proposal to ensure we include any special requirements your project may need to pass approvals. Documents required for building approval will be sent to your Construction supervisor so you can begin the exciting process of beginning the build phase. Our team stays involved with you and the builder as required and is more than happy to answer questions. On top of design, we are able to provide reccommendations for a number of additional reliable trades and services, ranging from professional painters and shutters companies, through to surveyors, house raise companies and certifiers.

It is this level of dedication to service and our clients that sets us apart from other building designers. We work as a team with builders to maximize the project’s potential, make it a seamless and enjoyable experience for the homeowner, and ensure that our design, your home’s construction, and your budget are all aligned. This is the Live Best difference so you can live your best life.

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