Meet Daniel Andersen.

Building Design Manager
daniel andersen head designer at live best

Dan is the head designer at Live Best Building Design and leads our team with over 6 years national and international design experience complemented with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Technology and Construction Management (Hons) and a Diploma in Building Design.

Before joining the Live Best team Dan previously worked for notable local Brisbane design firms including Synergy and Designer Planning where he gained some exceptional experience working on design projects ranging from just a few hundred thousand dollars right up to millions of dollars in build value.

Originating from the far outskirts of Brisbane, Dan grew up on a rural property in the Somerset region and has a distinct passion for nature and the outdoors. This passion often flows through into his work which tends to incorporate the natural land and environment in his designs as well as offering an eco friendly perspective.

Dan’s extensive experience and background has led him to complete design work throughout most of the South East Queensland area ranging from high end waterfront renovations in the Gold Coast, to large scale raise and build under projects in the heart of Brisbane through to stunning eco retreats in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

With his Danish family background and country Queensland spirit, Dan loves working on the Traditional and Modern Queenslander homes adding touches of ‘Mid Century Modern’ along with ‘Modern Scandinavian’ style and design where required.

When Dan isn’t designing Queenslanders and new homes, you can find him hiking through the outdoors or taking his beloved Nissan out for weekend cruises through the mountains.

About our company.

At Live Best we work on a mixture of high end residential projects across all of SEQLD, from luxury renovations and extensions to creative new builds and innovative house raise and build under designs.

Our team is made up of local experienced and professional building designers. We pride ourselves on listening to your project requirements and dreams whilst generating customised solutions for each and every unique renovation, extension, house raise or new home.

Our experienced and knowledgable designers will simplify the building design process for you, allowing you to enjoy the process of creating your dream home in Brisbane or throughout South East Queensland.

It is our mission to guide you through the design process from an initial meeting and concept design right through the relevant approvals, giving you the piece of mind to focus on what’s most important in your day.

We lean on our extensive knowledge in the building design industry along with extended local contacts in construction, planning, approvals and engineering to ensure you feel confident in our design from start to finish and our partnership will allow you to live your best life.


Welcome to Live Best, we believe that good design is a collaborative effort. This begins with a clear understanding of our clients and their individual ways of living