New Builds


There is nothing quite like that first step you take in your brand new home which you’ve often been fantasising about for years on end. Our goal here at Live Best is to design that dream home so you that first step is unforgettable.

Building a new house is a special time, albeit not for the inpatient or faint of heart homeowner. Our design team at understands the process and length of time required to plan a new house from the ground up, which is why we specialise in providing a full length and highly consultative process to make sure your plans on paper become the reality you deserve.

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We will help you through every stage of your new home plans from in-depth consultations and initial briefs through to detailed concept review and design plans, building approvals and finalised working drawings for your builder.

Whether it’s a large double storey new home in inner Brisbane or a cottage in the our team will design a house that meets all of Queensland regulations whilst happily talking you through the ins and outs of any permits or building approvals you may need. 

We have the experience

We work with you

When it comes to creating new homes which will be the envy of your neighbours, no job is too big or too small. Live Best Building Design works with you to create a unique design so that your new house is positioned in a way that suits your needs and lifestyle. We’re committed to making the design process as smooth as possible, which is why we listen to your needs and guide you through our six-step process:

Step 1: Conversation & Brief

Step 2: Consult, Site Review & Quote

Step 3: Concept Design & Review

Step 4: Detailed Design

Step 5: Approvals & Certification (DA)

Step 6: Finalisation & Handover (BA)


While safety is undoubtedly important, we know the overall look of a new build house is also an essential feature. A successful new home design will blend safety, functionality and aesthetics. Designs need to carefully balance:

  • Your lifestyle needs
  • Your budget
  • Your style
  • Your comfort

We can help you design a new house that ticks all the boxes. Our team of experienced and reputable designs will work closely with you to bring your plans to life. We’re truly passionate about ensuring you get the new house of your dreams. If you’re in the Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast areas, contact us today for a quote or to chat more about your new build project.

Want to see some of our past Brisbane projects? Visit our portfolio.



Welcome to Live Best, we believe that good design is a collaborative effort. This begins with a clear understanding of our clients and their individual ways of living