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Do My Designer And Builder Need A Meeting Together?

When it comes to a home building project — whether it’s a renovation, extension or new build — chances are you’ll speak to your building designer before approaching a builder to discuss construction. 

But when it does come time to select a builder, you might wonder how important it really is to involve your builder in meetings with your designer. The answer: open communication between your designer and builder is vital for a successful build. Without this collaboration, you risk your project crumbling before it’s even begun! 


Early involvement 

At Live Best Building Design, we strongly encourage your builder to be involved in any initial house plan meetings and remain involved throughout the design process. This is for your sake, and ours. Combined design and building knowledge mean you’re getting the most appropriate advice and accurate quotes. Designers and builders have different talents and expertise, so bringing this all to the table is going to be best for your project. 

Early meetings between your designer and builder are also opportunities to further hone the impending project. Together, a builder and designer can ensure the home designs are feasible and can be completed within your budget and expected timeframe. 


Close collaboration

Our building designers aim to design homes or renovations that are functional, beautiful and fit your needs. It’s a builder who will bring these plans to life. We enjoy working closely with builders, even if we aren’t on the construction site ourselves, because we know a well-oiled team is what will make your dream home a liveable reality. 

Meeting between your designer and builder should be a collaborative process, with the ultimate aim of making your project everything you want it to be. We recommend your designer and builder collaborate from the beginning of the project through to its completion. Our design team is always available during the construction process and will regularly liaise with builders to ensure your project is on track. 


Consistent communication

It’s exciting watching your design go from a sketch on paper to a physical home. We want this journey to be as smooth as possible for you, and we find the best projects are the ones where there’s consistent communication between the designer and the builder. Our designers complete a site visit before they begin drawing up the plans for your project, so they have a solid understanding of the landscape and any specific requirements. This is all information we can then discuss with your builder. 

While consistent in-person meetings are important, you can also set up a non-verbal communication process, such as email or text, to keep everyone up-to-date.


Choosing a builder 

While we can recommend experienced and reputable builders in the Queensland area, you might also like to choose your own. Keep in mind that if your designer and builder haven’t worked together before, it’s a good idea to arrange a meeting as soon as possible. The quicker your builder and designer become acquainted, the better for your project.  

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