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9 Questions To Ask A Building Designer 

So, you’re looking to enlist a building designer to help make your renovation or new home dreams become a reality. Hiring a building designer for your house plans is a big investment and you want to be sure you have selected someone who can bring your vision to life.  

Before you even begin the design process, there are some questions you should always run through with your building designer. 

Below, we run through 10 questions to ask your building designer!

1. Do you see any potential challenges with my project?

A building designer should be able to identify and inform you of what they can see working, and any possible complications. Importantly, they should have a plan to overcome these challenges. 

2. What is your estimated timetable for my project? 

Talking to your building designer about how long each phase of your project will take is important. It means you are prepared and have a realistic understanding of how long your design project will take to be complete.

3. Who in your company will I be working most closely with? 

Keep in mind that the person you meet with initially may not be the building designer who will be working on your project and who you will be talking with most frequently. 

4. Can you provide any examples of your work from previous clients? 

Ask your building designer for examples of their designs from previous clients to get an gage of their styles and stregnths. 

5. Is my project likely to be completed within my budget and timeframe?

Sometimes the design of our dreams isn’t feasible given the amount we have to spend, and your building designer should be upfront when it comes to whether or not your project is realistic with your budget and time. 

6. What drawings/plans/renders can I expect?

Ask your building designer how they plan to present your project — a complete set of construction working drawings usually includes floor plans, elevations, sections, and detailed drawings.

7. How does payment work and what fees should I expect? 

Different building design projects will have different conditions of payment. Find out how they charge, when payments are due and if there are any other fees you should expect – this could be anything from council approval to project management costs. 

8. Do you have specific expertise in the style/renovation/type of building I’m looking for?

It’s important that your building designer’s vision aligns with your own. If your prospective building designer doesn’t necessarily specialise in your type of building, you can ask to look at their past projects to see if their style is suitable. 

9. Can you recommend a builder? 

Many building designers have developed strong relationships with builders who they may recommend. Often, these are builders they respect, can work well with and who have done exceptional work on past projects. Remember that you can still choose your own builder if you prefer. 

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